Kettle Descaler


Greenzupp Kettle Descaler  is a concentrated descaler which protects appliances for continued efficiency and prolonged life. Limescale can affect the performance of your appliances, so it’s important to treat it regularly. 

Greenzupp Kettle Descaler is less toxic than conventional chemical cleaners, which makes it more planet-friendly. Use it to remove build-up on your kettle, dishwasher, drains, 

Greenzupp is a brand new range of ECO Powered Cleaning products. We’re all about offering affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical cleaning products. 

  • All ingredients in our products are fully biodegradable
  • Our products are free of Nonyl-Phenyl-Ethoxylates, animal products, or chemicals from protected botanical species
  • We don’t use any products known to be toxic to aquatic life 
  • Our products are free of ingredients that damage the Ozone layer
  • Low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) comply with the Ecoflower standard
  • No propellant gases in any of our foaming, misting or trigger sprayed products
  • All our packaging and containers are recyclable as far as practically possible