We believe in a world where people are happy and clean is sorted!

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Simple and easy to use products help keep you, your home, and the things you love hygienically clean. We believe in a world where people are happy and clean is sorted.


Greenzupp is a brand new range of ECO Powered Cleaning products. We’re all about offering affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical cleaning products.

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Zuppclean Home

Make your home sparkling clean with our affordable and effective cleaning products.

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ANZUPP is a new brand of hand sanitiser for the “new normal” (what was the old normal anyway?). Our alcohol gel hand sanitiser is proven to kill bacteria and germs.

We believe that a sense of humour is almost as essential to health as good hand hygiene.

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Zuppclean Car


Zuppflames is a clean-burning, skin-safe fire lighter gel that uses renewable ingredients. It is a quick, simple, safe and effective way to ignite traditional charcoal barbecues. Suitable for use both outdoors and indoors.

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Reviews on Amazon

Zuppflames - Fire lighter fluid

Bring on the BBQs!!

Purchased this for our fire pit which we have started to use again. The fluid burnt nicely and wasn’t smoky (sounds strange but the last lot of lighter fluid we used was awful!). The squeezy bottle made it very easy to use! Definitely a product we will keep in the garage ready for when we start using the pit and the bbq more often! Bring on the better weather!!

Mrs Claire Goodwin-Hill via Amazon

Zuppclean - Hot Tub Cleaner

Must have hot tub product!

Amazing product! I’m always looking for new products to clean my hot tub especially as the kids are always in and out of it and this is just incredible! It’s made my hot tub look amazing and has got rid of all the oily residue that was all over it. But most importantly now I feel much happier knowing the kids are getting in and out of a sanitised hot tub! Definitely ordering again!

Katie Daniells via Amazon

Zuppflames - Fire lighter fluid

Great product!

Amazing product and arrived very promptly! Really easy to use and creates a great fire! You only need to use a small amount at a time so it's definitely long lasting ! Will be using for all our bbq's this summer!

Lucy Kitchen via Amazon